A Trip to Iran’s Shahdad: The Hottest Place on Earth

Mahdi Kalhor * – A trip to the uncharted desert and the fantastic “city” of Kalout is a special treat, cherished even by native Iranians. You will experience the walk among the fantasy-land structures, carved out of sand hills through ecos of the blowing desert winds. You will let yourself roll down the soft sand hills, see the Nebka’s (the flower pots of the desert), the in-congruent citrus gardens in the heart of the desert and old fortresses. Continue reading

In the Land of Stars: A French Traveler in Kerman

Oh My Road * –  I stayed in Kerman only for two nights, but the enthusiasm and dedication of my host allowed to see quite a lot in those two days. Hamams, the shrine of an inspired poet in Mahan, some ice-houses and other places of interest.

Big pots at the Ganjali-khan square

Big pots at the Ganjali-khan square

He even arranged for me to attend a choir repetition, which has been a really nice experience. It was interesting to see that they did have some musical/cultural activity going on – and that choir was of very good quality! – even on a small scale. And those people welcomed me warmly, of course (it was Iran after all!)  It has been an intense and true time in Kerman. Continue reading

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