The Most Beautiful Mosques in Iran: Part1

Dignified, magnificent and impressive. The arches, tilework mosaics and the very round domes are the post Islamic method of building structures in Iran. However, Iranian architecture has a history from at least 5000 BC to the present which significiently inspired the architecture in Insia, Turkey and Tajikistan to Zanzibar: “The supreme Iranian art, in the proper meaning of the word, has always been its architecture. The supremacy of architecture applies to both pre-and post-Islamic periods.” Says Arthur Pope, a pioneering American expert on Iranian art. Continue reading

Tollab District in Mashhad: The Center of The World

Madi Jahangir – People from Tollab say: “Whether you are the worst or the best of the people, if you are from Tollab, you will become famous.” Tollab is an Arabic word and means students. Tollab district is one of the oldest and most famous districts in Mashhad, possibly founded by Ayatullah Haj Mirza Hossein Faqih Sabzevari for students of religious studies who used to reside in the city. Howevery,  many ordinary people started to move in and live there  later on. Continue reading

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