Sistan and Balouchistan

The Untraveled, Unknown wonders of Chabahar

Bahram * – On our trip to Chabahar, we visited one of Chabahar’s wonders named as Gelafshan mountain. From the night before, we arranged with the same agency that picked us up from the airport, to take us to our desired destination with the cost of 70’000 IR Toman. They came after us in the morning and drove us 80 kilometers into the Chabahar-Bandar Abbas road. The path was interesting and beautiful.  We arrived at the total empty desert area in which there was only a mountain made of mud.  Continue reading

Iran’s Wonders: The World Records in Tourism Attractions

‘The most…’ has been always an enticing description to human beings. This description is the main reason which has made a lot of tourists and travelers put Iran on their itinerary. Being described by “the most” is so attractive that many people are trying to make their country be known by it in various ways. For example, a tower is built at a point in the world to be the tallest tower in the world in order to become renowned as such and attract many tourists. Continue reading

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