Southern Khorasan

In Pictures: The First Autumn Snow in Iran

Dream Of Iran – Iran is called the land of four seasons for a reason. This week the first snow of autumn blanketed half of Iran and led to closure of schools in several cities. This happens while at the moment, Iranians in southern Iran enjoy swimming in the Persian gulf and take bath under the beautiful warm Sun. These all seem out of context for northerners in the winter days.
Tehran also experiences white winter every year and it is much more welcomed by the Tehraners as a sign of relief from the pollution. Specially this year that the smog forced the Tehran officials to declare an air pollution emergency, even the little snow or rainfall can come to the rescue and clear away the dirt from the face of the mega capital. Continue reading

All About Birjand: The Capital of Saffron Province

Nicknamed as City of Pines and City of Culture, Birjand was once an important city in Ghehestan (Part of the greater Khorasan). The city now serves as the capital of Southern Khorasan province in Eastern Iran. The small but organised and fast growing city is located on the eastern side of Iran’s central desert. That’s why the weather there is harsh and dry,  however, it is surprising that Birjand has had the first water system in Iran, even before that of Tehran and other big cities. Continue reading

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