Exploring “The Lion’s Den”

Salam Saleh – “The Lion’s Den” is what I was told when I asked where we were heading to next. Upon arrival I saw that our boldly-named destination was in fact the former American embassy  of Iran, which is located in the capital of Tehran. Construction of this two story red brick building began in the 40s but was completed in 1951. Continue reading

Practical Tips to Wander Around Tehran

Madi Jahangir – A friend recently emailed me that he is going to visit Iran with a group of tourists and asked me some questions regarding getting around Tehran and traveling to other cities from the capital. I thought those questions plus some information i add in, might be every traveler’s questions who is willing to visit Iran anytime soon.  Continue reading

My visit to Golestan Palace: Part 1

 Morten Hjertholm– Getting to the Golestan Palace complex is not very hard, from Imam Khomeini square it is around a 15-20 min walk heading south. For the people who do not want this walk, you can take a taxi there easily. Directly outside were a lot of taxis lined up for people returning from the museums and complex. Golestan Palace is an old historical monument in Tehran.

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An afternoon in Laleh Garden; The immortal tulip

Madi Jahangir – I love the evenings of Laleh Park. A mere 10 minute walk from Vali Asr square into green Keshavarz boulevard, The bustles of impatient cab drivers shouting for customers, motorbikes speeding dangerously between the small spaces of traffic, rushing people in the queue of a fast food restaurant, pedestrians at the bus stops waiting for the next BRT bus to arrive, the malls, shops and bargains – all fade away as I pass through the two lines of plane trees with the afternoon sun which is blinking through the green leaves.

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Tehran as a whole

Leila Saleh – As the capital of Iran, Tehran is an all too familiar name to avid news watchers like myself. You often hear about summits, conferences, and political commemorations being held in what seemed to me to be a robotic, business city- but hidden underneath the stereotypical view of Tehran is actually an explosion of beauty. Compared to other cities in Iran such as the historical city of Isfahan and the spiritual capital for Shia Muslims, Mashad, Tehran exudes this cement jungle appearance and it kind of feels like walking down Downtown Los Angeles. And for a city girl like I, Tehran made me nostalgic of my childhood in California. Continue reading

Milad Tower

 Salam Saleh – An unquestionable stop for tourists in Iran would be the Milad Tower, also known in Persian as ‘Borj-e Milad’. Built in 2007 and standing at 435 m (1,427 ft) high from the base to the tip of the antenna, it is the tallest structure in Iran and sixth tallest in the world. Easy to spot from almost anywhere in Tehran, what most people come to do in this tower, is lean over the very top and get the thrill of a lifetime. Continue reading

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