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Chasing the Dream: Two Women Traveling in Iran

Madi Jahangir* –  “Iranians and Italians are so much alike. In the good and in the bad!” Angela’s emphasis on the good and the bad made me laugh aloud every time and laughter was what made our trip even more fun.

Our two weeks traveling in Iran officially ended few days ago when my friend and fellow travel writer Angela of Chasing the Unexpected flew back to Rome, Italy and I took the night bus to northern Iran. So far as being two women coming from two of the world’s first civilizations, we were not really surprised to realize that the two nations share a lot in the matter of culture and lifestyle. Perhaps one of the major traits that Iranians share with Italians is to keep that crazy sense of humor, to cheer oneself up at the time of frustrating long distances.  Continue reading

In pictures: an Amazing Snow Day at Lahijan Lake

Madi Jahangir* – As soon as I arrived at the lake, I found myself in a snowball battlefield in which I only managed to save my camera. I wished so much that I could join the group and shoot them back with snowballs but I rather shoot them with photographs. As I heard the various accents of Gilaki language, I realised there were residents of Lahijan and tourists among them too, who had come from cities nearby. Young and old were out and playing with the first snow of this winter in my hometown, Lahijan. Continue reading

In the Land of Stars: A French Traveler in Kerman

Oh My Road * –  I stayed in Kerman only for two nights, but the enthusiasm and dedication of my host allowed to see quite a lot in those two days. Hamams, the shrine of an inspired poet in Mahan, some ice-houses and other places of interest.

Big pots at the Ganjali-khan square

Big pots at the Ganjali-khan square

He even arranged for me to attend a choir repetition, which has been a really nice experience. It was interesting to see that they did have some musical/cultural activity going on – and that choir was of very good quality! – even on a small scale. And those people welcomed me warmly, of course (it was Iran after all!)  It has been an intense and true time in Kerman. Continue reading

Tehran’s Grand Bazaar: Picturing History and Magnificence

Madi Jahangir * – People would go and come nonstop, pupping up into the frame of my camera and careless about me struggling to photograph the structure with none of them included. My last visit to Tehran’s Grand bazaar was almost end of summer holidays and students (and parents obviously!) were getting prepared for schools. For that matter, Tehran’s Grand bazaar was much more crowded and noisy at the time, by shoppers, sellers and bargainers of both sides. Although the market is no quiet place any other time too. Throughout the year, It is common scene to see many people including Tehranis, Iranians from other cities, street  hawkers, wholesale merchants and tourists to hang out in the place. Continue reading

Taste of Iran: A Complete Guide to the Iranian Kebab

Dream Of Iran – Iran is the land of kebabs but Iranian cuisine is much more diverse, complicated and difficult to be made than that. Located in the Middle East, Iranian cuisine has both influenced and been influenced by its Western and Eastern neighbors. Perhaps, the modern Iranian style of cooking includes a wide variety of foods, a combination of Mesopotamian, Anatolian, Central Asian, Russian, Armenian and the ancient Iranian recipes, finely blended together as one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. Continue reading

Celebrating Iran’s Longest Night of the Year: Yalda

Madi Jahangir * – The typical tradition is to seek forgiveness for Hafez, the prominent Iranian poet, reciting  few verses of Quran in his memory and opening his poetry book. Meanwhile, watermelon, nuts and pomegranates are served for the guests to celebrate the arrival of Capricorn. The ceremony manifests the concept of lightness prevailing over darkness in the last night of Fall which is the longest night of the year, Yalda. Continue reading

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