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In pictures: an Amazing Snow Day at Lahijan Lake

Madi Jahangir* – As soon as I arrived at the lake, I found myself in a snowball battlefield in which I only managed to save my camera. I wished so much that I could join the group and shoot them back with snowballs but I rather shoot them with photographs. As I heard the various accents of Gilaki language, I realised there were residents of Lahijan and tourists among them too, who had come from cities nearby. Young and old were out and playing with the first snow of this winter in my hometown, Lahijan. Continue reading

10 Wonderful Ways to Spend Winter in Iran

Madi Jahangir * – Winter is approaching in few days based on Iranian calendar. Iran is a relatively big country and due to its size the weather can extremely vary from northern Iran to south. Winter in North is quite cold and the temprature is well below zero every year with regular rain and snowfall depending to the generosity of Mother Nature.

However, South Iran enjoys a very pleasant and mild weather in winter, almost like a cool spring and it is quite possible to swim in the Persian Gulf for some hours in winter days.
All that said above, the way you are going to spend your winter in Iran is very much based on where you are planning to go. Continue reading

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