Iranian Sunnis: Political and Social Involvement

In the 9th parliament, there are 18 Iranian Sunni parliament members from 6 different provinces. In the Assembly of Experts which is responsible to appoint supreme leader, there are 3 members from Iranian Sunni clerics voted by people from Sunni regions. For employment in the governmental offices, there is no limitation or prohibition for Iranian Sunnis and people are employed regardless of their sect or religion.

One of the Iranian Sunni member of Assembly of Experts

One of the Iranian Sunni members of the Assembly of Experts

Here is a list of Iranian Sunni parliament members in 8th and 9th parliament:

Sunni Parliament members

The governing system in Iran is Islamic republic, but regarding ethnic groups or religions, the policy is somehow secular. In Iran, there is no mention of religion, sect or ethnicity in the ID cards (Identity cards, Identification document or passport) to reduce the secterian or ethnical sensitivity. For that matter, nobody can tell which religion or ethnic group an Iranian belongs until they mention by own.

Typical Iranian National ID cards

Typical Iranian National ID cards

Many urban and provincial officials in areas with Sunni majority are from Iranian Sunni communities. Many Iranian Sunnis serve in Iranian army, intelligence and security service. Just in Kurdistan, 5000 Iranian Sunni kurds serve in Sepah (Guardians of Islamic Republic).

There is also an event titled Islamic Unity Week which is celebrated in Iran. It is marked between 12-17th Rabiul Awwal on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Prophet Mohammad and the different dates in Sunni and Shia traditions.

Clerics from Shia and Sunni communites in Iran

Clerics from Shia and Sunni communites in Iran

The Islamic Unity Week was upon a call by the leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini, following the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979.

Source:  The World Forum for Proximity of Islamic schools of thought

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  • kamran khan says:

    salam… of all i would like to say that there is nothing about which iranians are being blammed of…no sectarian issue..there r sunnis and many others which belong to diffrent religions…but they r all apart of great society..they r working together..they love each other…respect each other… at ist i was too apart of that profeganda..bcz i dnt knew the fact … but now i can say that … i m proud of u…u ppl manage every thing by a great manner

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