Iranian Sunnis: Religious Freedom


Based on Islah web which is official website of the Iranian sunni party “Davah and Eslah”, Iranian Sunnis have 9 mosques througout Tehran which is under direction and control of the Tehran Sunnis committee. Prayers are performed in the mosques regularly and sometimes the number of participants in Sadeqiyyah mosque reaches over 3000 in Muslim festival of Eid Al Fitr.

Sistan and Balouchistan Province

In the past 32 years, the number of mosques which have Sunni imam leading the prayers got 10 times more. While at the time of revolution there was only 11 of them. Only in Zahedan, Friday prayer is held in 12 mosques with Sunni Imam leading the prayer and a majority of Iranian Sunnis participate in them. All the Sunni Friday Imams, Religious teachers, clerics and Religious students and the servents of the mosques are under the social security medical insurance, are granted monthly salary and other extra payments. Unlike many other muslim countries, In Iran there is no givernmental control over the speech of Friday prayer.

Kurdistan province

Kurdistan is a province in western Iran and the second largest Iranian sunnis live in there. There are approximately 2000 mosques in different cities and villages throughout the province and Iranian sunnis freely practice their religion. Upon the trip of Supreme leader to the province and the request of Sunni clerics in Kurdistan, they have now the call for prayer based on the tradition of Sunni islam broadcoasted on their provincial channel.

Western Azerbaijan province

There are around 1500 mosques in this province with Sunni Imam leading the prayer.

Kermanshah province

At the time of revolution, there were around 95 mosques in this province for Sunnis. But nowadays the number of mosques with Sunni Imam as prayer leader is 491, almost 4 times more than before. Iranian Sunnis reside in Javanrud, Ravansar, Paveh, Thalath and Babajani and 120 Friday prayers are held under Sunni Imam.

Hormozgan province

Iranian Sunnis have communities in the province and from Persian and Arabs ethnic groups. Based on the statics, approximately 1200 mosques are active in the province under Sunni Imam leading the prayers.

Golestan province

There are 1500 active mosques in the province with Sunni Imam leading the prayers and for practicing the daily rituals.

Bushehr province

At the time of revolution, there were only 3 Friday prayers held by Sunni Imams. But now there are 34 Friday prayers throughout the province. There are 57 Friday imams (permamnent and temporary) who are under the medical insurance and the economical and financial support by the government. They are also paid monthly salaries like the rest of Sunni Imams in the country.

Source:  The World Forum for Proximity of Islamic schools of thought

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  • assalawalykum
    dear brother i am in tehran iran i wanted tu knw there is sunni mosque in tehran wher i can pray my namaz of tarawih and jumma prayer and idul fitr namaz so please guide me
    zazakallah khair

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