International Iftar: Tasting the World Food in Tehran

Amene Hasanova* – The other day, i was invited for an Iftar ceremony held in Tarbiyat Modarres university for international students studying in Tehran. It is the first and last Ramadan that i am spending in Iran. I am from Tajikistan and we have so many traditions for the month of Ramadan. However, this Ramadan fell in summer time and most of my fellow Tajik citizens were back home. There is a famous dish in Tajikistan named Ashpolo which i would like to present in the international iftar table. But I was alone with another Tajik friend of mine and it was so diffucult to cook  in dormitory just the two of us and we could not find the related ingrediants to cook so much food. Instead i enjoyed alot the eye catching and mouth watering food from the rest of the world which were beautifully decorated on the tables. 

They started the ceremony by reciting Quran and singing Iran’s national anthemn. We were welcomed then by the head of the university as foreign students present in the salon for participating in Iftar. Some students from Bosnia, Afghanistan and Syria talked to the audiounce about the holy month of Ramadan and the traditions of Iftar and the month of fasting in their own homeland. Many of the inoformation was interesting for me, specially that i could find similarities between muslim cultures in different countries. After the Maqrib Adhan, the guests who were most non-Iranian students studying in universities throughout Tehran sat around the huge iftar table and broke their fast with the international dishes. All students decorated the table with food and sweets originally from their homeland. In one night, everyone could taste different types of dishes from around the world, including delicious dishes from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Syria, Iraq, Bosnia. Kozovo, Serbia, Malaysia, Lebanon and many other countries. For example I tasted a pink Malaysian drink made by rosewater which was so good. All of the food was made by the international students who are currently studying in Iran.

Here you can find my photo report:

* Amene Hassanova is from Tajikistan and an international student of English litrature in Tehran’s Al Zahra university.

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