Tehran in Pictures, a Temptation of Local Markets and Sweets Shops

Angela Corrias   My passion for open markets is definitely not a secret, so could I miss such a temptation in Tehran? Of course not.Wandering the streets of the Iranian capital I stumbled on many mouthwatering sweets shops, countless nuts stands and one of those local markets that give the idea of fresh produce just arrived from the countryside. I adore dawdling about such places, it feels like soaking up in the country’s social norms and daily routine, it feels like integrating in the hosting society and identifying with the locals, and this is precisely why I try to never miss visiting such markets anywhere I go.
Here is my photo-journey through Tehran’s life.


Nuts on display in a sweets shop in Tehran

More nuts, I just couldn’t stop staring at them!

Still nuts, but at a different shop, and in case you were wondering, yes, I did fork out some good cash here and there

Nuts are largely present in Iranian sweets, so yes, I bought tons of sweets to bring home

A glimpse of Tehran’s local market

Grocery stands at the food market near the mosque!

Fresh pistachio anyone? It’s delicious.

Fresh cranberries,very good and super-sour, to be consumed with discretion!

Mouthwatering shawarma in the making..

Finally, our lunch, chicken kebab with saffron rice, delicious!

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