The Most Beautiful Mosques in Iran: Part2

In the first series of most beautiful mosques in Iran, I recommended some of the ancient and beautiful mosques which are more known and famous for the Iran travelers. This time, I am going to write about some lesser known but historically and architecturally important mosques in Iran.

Blue mosque, Tabriz

Also known as the Turquoise of Islam for the stunningly beautiful azure and turquoise mosaics covering both its interior and exterior, Blue mosque of Tabriz was constructed in 1465 upon the order of Jahan Shah, the ruler of Kara Koyunlu. The diverse Kufic scripts, the exquisite arabesque patterns, and the admirable chromatic compositions of these facades, which are truly stupendous, were created by Nematollah-ben-Mohammad-ol-Bavab, the famous calligrapher.

Inside the Blue Mosque of Tabriz

Inside the Blue Mosque of Tabriz

Sultani mosque, Zanjan

The grand mosque of Zanjan also known as Sultani mosque contains four iwans on the sides of a large open court. To the east and west of the court sixteen chambers exist running parallel to each other. Facing towards south are more chambers used as residential quarters for theology students. These chambers have vaulted and arched ceilings decorated with artistic tile work.

Zanjan's grand mosuqe

Zanjan’s grand mosque

Mosalla, Tehran

Some claim that Tehran’s grand mosalla which is still under construction is the largest mosque in the world with 230 meters high minarets which is considered world’s tallest as well. In the architecture of Mosalla, the gold numbers have been used. It has 14 minarets, 12 courtyards and 5 entrance, resembling the numbers for Shi’ite imams and Ahl Al-Bayt. The largest iwan is 72 meter to resemble the number of Ashura martyrs in Karbala and the main dome is 63 meter to resemble the age of the Prophet Mohammad.

Tehran's Mosalla / Photo Credit: Masoud Bahri

Tehran’s Mosalla / Photo Credit: Masoud Bahri

Grand mosque, Ghaen

This mosque was constructed in the year 796 AH and was repaired in the year 1086 AH by Safkosh during the period of Shah Soleiman Safavid. The structure is made of stone and brick and the mosque consists of a courtyard, four porticos and two places for nocturnal prayers (Shabestan). Besides which is the vaulted, arched ceiling worked in colored plaster, porches and written verses which date back to 1263 AH as shown in the inscriptions.

The masonry of this structure was accomplished by Karbalaie Isaq Qaeni. The wooden pulpit of this mosque was made by a fine craftsman master Mohammad Moqeem , and is considered to be one of the many samples of magnificent craftsmanship.

jame mosque ghaen

Jame Mosque of Ghaen, Southern Khorasan province

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  • Salam! I was in the Blue Mosque of Shiraz, its really exciting the work of restauration inside it! I wish come back to Iran to visit more mosques!
    Regards from Brasil!

    • Dream Of Iran says:

      Salam and thanks for your comment. You are most welcomed here. Can’t wait to read your stories and see more photos on your Iran trip. Keep visiting 🙂

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