The Untraveled, Unknown wonders of Chabahar

Bahram * – On our trip to Chabahar, we visited one of Chabahar’s wonders named as Gelafshan mountain. From the night before, we arranged with the same agency that picked us up from the airport, to take us to our desired destination with the cost of 70’000 IR Toman. They came after us in the morning and drove us 80 kilometers into the Chabahar-Bandar Abbas road. The path was interesting and beautiful.  We arrived at the total empty desert area in which there was only a mountain made of mud. 

Golafshan mountain

Gelafshan mountain

There are some resting places for tourists in the area. However, other than that, there was nobody there at the time! Our car stopped somewhere very close to the hill and we were so excited to climb up and see what’s in there. On the hill, there is something like a pool full of soft and gray mud.

The duck

The pool full of mud

Every some minutes, the dock erupts like a volcano, creates a bubble which explodes and spreads the mud with a huge noise and features a messy, bubbling, and sometime explosive landscape. If you are lucky enough, at the time you are there, the bubbles are bigger. Bigger the bubbles, more the excitement.

Mud volcano

The mud bubble

We were then back to Chabahar and to the Tis beach on the Oman sea. The weather was excellent and the sea was perfectly calm for swimming. For the first time in my life, I swam in Oman sea which was very pleasant experience. We took the same agency’s tour and headed to Tehran restaurant for lunch. This restaurant is one of the most popular places in Chabahar and is usually very crowded around lunch time. We waited in the queue for long time until we could order Chelo Mahi (Rice with fish). After lunch we went back to hotel to take a short nap. In the afternoon we went out and explored the city and the free trade zone.

Chabahar's Tis beach

Chabahar’s Tis beach

The day after in the early morning after breakfast, the bus was waiting for us and the group, for an unusual trip to another untraveled place around Chabahar. On the way to destination we passed Lipar lake. This is such an amazing route because the road passes through the lake and on one side of the road the water is salty and the other side there’s sweet water which is used for agriculture. More than that, there is a vast and untouched sandy seacoast on the right and the strange Mars mountains on the left.

The road passing through Lipar lake

The road passing through Lipar lake

I have never had such a feeling in my life. I could see myself standing in a very strange, different and beautiful part of my homeland with a group of happy and energetic Geo tourists. We were passing by the Mars mountains, going up and down in group. The local guide told us that if we get lost here, it won’t be easy to find the way back. On some occasions, the group was parted into two smaller groups and we could only find each other by shooting gun. It took us four hours to explore Mars mountains.

Mars Mountains

Mars Mountains

When we reached Oman sea, I thanked God for all the beauty He let me to witness in my life, by stepping in this lonely, serene and indefinite coast. You may find similar beautiful beaches in Brazil, Australia and some other countries. But the difference is that all of those places are explored by millions of tourists each year. While in our Iran, we have lots of such wonders, attractions and extraordinary places, should I dare to say, even more picturesque and exquisite, but less known and traveled!

Oman sea

Oman sea

* Bahram is an Iranian travel blogger. You can read his stories in Persian on his blog “Biya Ta Beravim” aka Let’s go.

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  • ali says:

    as the sign in Persian clearly states it is “GelAfshan mountain” and not Golafshan mountain.

    Gel = mud

    thank you for the beautiful article though!

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